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The story of how i got into golf

I always liked golf, but never got around to actually going on golf course. In part, because i was self-conscious. Most of my friends used to play golf and would talk about their game all the time, but in my head, i thought i could never be as good as they were, for multiple reasons. First, i was really struggling financially in my twenties, so i rightfully believed that golf was not for me, at least for the time. I was too busy working nights and studying during the day to care about playing golf. It seemed like a choice between social life and golf, and obviously, i didn’t pick golf. After getting my masters though, and eventually landing high paying job, i was still slow to get into golf. That time, i was insecure about the fact that most of my friends had played golf since childhood, while i was just getting started in my late twenties. They had enormous advantage and i thought i’d be out of place in their company. So i started to take golf lessons, but eventually gave up because they were too expensive and i didn’t feel like they were giving me a lot of insight. Instead, i started going on golf course and practicing alone. For Golfing tips, i went to YouTube and watched videos, and that was about it. I also made a lot of friends who were beginners like me, and together, through trial and failure, our skills grew a lot and eventually we became fine golfers. I was still way behind my friends, but at least now i was in the same league. First few games with my friends were amazing, and i introduced some of those guys who i’ve met during my alone time. Those were one of the best times in my life, but i still had terrible clubs, so i started saving up and eventually collected thousand ish dollars for my new club set, which, i think, consists of best golf clubs for women. I had good job and saved a lot, but i never forgot my struggles from my time in college, so i remained very conscious about the money.

 I was still searching for my club set when one of my friends told me that his friend was selling his used club set. At first i was suspicious, because i didn’t like buying used stuff to save money, but my friend spoke so highly of the seller that i was convinced. I bought pretty good set (at least for 2010’s standards) and had half my budget left over. I used that money to buy shoes and excellent golf bag, and took my friends for drinks after the game. Clubs turned out to be amazing, and despite being used, they lasted me for four or so years. So my experience with used golf clubs has been great, but i don’t know how well it will work for you, because i bought mine from someone my friend knew and trusted personally. So i’d be vary of getting my golf clubs from questionable sources.