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Getting your children interested in golf and teaching them properly

I’m 30 year old golfer from Texas, and both my wife and me go to course very frequently. We’ve just had baby, and we were talking about sports and what kind of attitude we would have about it, in regards to our son. I love to play golf and watch basketball, and my wife is more exclusive and only likes golf, so we were pretty settled that we would encourage his involvement in golf tournamets for juniors. I know this sounds a little insane, but discussing our 1 year old’s teenage future seemed more casual at the time. Plus, it’s not just high school championships that need training. We decided to sign him up on golf lessons once he turns five or six. But we also agreed that we wouldn’t force him into anything. We would try to make playing golf as accomodating and fun as possible for him. Both of us are stern believers that you can’t force a kid to be good at something. You have to make it possible for them to genuinely enjoy it, and the rest is not up to you. So, we looked up prices of golf lessons online, and after seeing some numbers, we settled on saving golf lessons for teenage years, and just getting him best junior golf clubs and taking him with us to the course. We would also take him to play mini golf. In our experience, that’s much more enjoyable for a kid.

 I, myself, used to loath golf until i was in my mid twenties. And all because of my parents, who signed me up on golf lessons and would not give me a break. I’m not trying to blame them for all my failings, but forcing me to do things wasn’t the way to go. Playing golf became associated with the same feeling that you get when you’re expected to do chores, and i hated it. I guess i had to go through it myself to understand that forcing or threatening children never works. I haven’t had much experience with them, but at least that’s what i’m reading in books about being good father. I’m looking out to try all the tips i’ve gotten from those books in reality.

 The story of how i got into golf again is quite interesting. Despite me not enjoying the sport itself, i was quite good at it, and for social benefits (like doing sales or making deals) sometimes i would go out on golf course. There i made good group of friends, and eventually started going there more frequently. Then i met my wife, too, and number of my friends from that golf course basically doubled. So our social lives are kind of tied to that place now, that’s how much we love golf.